Building Sites of All Architectural Trades
Schmit Industrie teams are perfectly qualified and highly skilled in interior architecture and complex decoration, they respect and take into consideration the designers' intentions.
There are a great variety of projects involved : head offices, reception areas, auditorium...

Schmit Industrie are dedicated to their clients, and are responsible for the smooth running of every work of all architectural trades: they commit themselves to meeting deadlines, quality and costs.
3 key points of our method :
  • Chargé d'affaires : dedicated and responsible
    He coordinates all necessary resources to the project, has full grasp of technical files, chooses contributors, plans and manages schedules.
    He has full power to find suitable solutions to every single situation.
  • Anticipation on plans to avoid the unexpected at building sites
    The procedures of studies and compiling files of work to be carried out, allow us to deal with design and interface problems 'on the board'.
  • Detailed planning
    The schedule mirrors technical choices made for the project.
    Not only does it allow us to organise and optimise the work in progress at the building site, it also allows us to manage changes during the course of work.