The know-how and the knowledge of schmit industrie originated from the history which began at the turn of the 19th century.

1818 : Maison Schmit was founded by Frédéric Schmit
1828 : Maison Schmit had their office at 22 rue de Charonne in Paris and started making furniture, general design, fitting shops, castles, and ships.
Maison Schmit became successively Alavoine & Piollet, Schmit & Piollet in 1874 (the name of the cabinet-maker of Napoleon III) and then Schmit Successeur. From 1888 onwards, Schmit was commonly used.
1876 : Maison Schmit gathered a team of prestigious interior decorators, cabinet-makers, sculptors, upholsterers, joiners, furniture makers, bronze makers, whose international reputation was based on their period furniture making and old style reproduction.
1878 and 1889 : The Exposition Universelle of 1889 in Paris, Schmit got a gold medal.
1919-1939 : the company under "general partnership" Schmit & co. were managed by Jacques and Jean Schmit. After the war, the activity turned to furniture making for the Ministries, then school furniture.
1948 : the company left Paris for Saint Maur. The activity slowly integrated design of stores and equipment for bank branches.
1962-1963 : amicable demerger of the company, Robert Schmit, worked as an art dealer in Paris.
The company Jacques Schmit Ltd moved the head office to 276 boulevard Saint Germain (till 1973, the year Jacques Schmit passed away).

Since 1970 : activities have been brought together in Saint Maur.
Schmit Industrie have developed their know-how in two complementary activities : the work of All Architectural Trades and the design of commercial space.

Schmit Industrie have become a member of Club Afiroc, a French association of PME (Small and Medium-sized Businesses), which carry out, among other activities, policies in favour of young architects in order to promote the know-how of the organisers and to encourage new talents in architecture and interior architecture, e.g. the website